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The initial investment to start a franchise is up to 8 Lakh to maximum to 30 Lakhs which includes machinery and equipment cost.


We suggest a location with area of 4000/5000 square feet which is quite sufficient for the dealership.


While the initial investment to get the dealership is around 10 lakhs, 23 lakhs will be the maximum investment which is more for equipment and machinery costs. Tyres Franchise recommends a built-in area of 370 square meters which translates to 4000 Square feet of total space.
Official websites of Tyres Franchise have clearly stated that in order to help their Franchise succeed extensive pieces of training and follow up sessions would provide from time to time. Tyres Franchise focuses on the Franchise not only during the start-up phase but also guides through the sustenance phase at least till the minimum breakeven point are achieved.

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The Business opportunities page in the Tyres Franchise official website asks for important personal and official details of a potential Franchise. If the online application is shortlisted for further discussions, the candidate who is a potential Franchise is called for a personal discussion after which the complete process is taken forward. Tyres Franchise can be applied for directly through their contact office in Chennai also.

Franchise Benefits

  • Banking on the brand: Tyresfranchise store will ride on an easily recognizable and trusted brand name. This ensures increased footfalls and hence the additional business.
  • Linkages with tyre companies in place: As Tyresfranchise we take away the pain of trying to tie up with different tyre companies to get tyre supplies. As a Tyresfranchise one is assured of supplies of different tyre brands from a single source.
  • Single deposit: There is no need to maintain separate deposits with different tyre companies. One single deposit with us will ensure that the franchisee gets supplies for all brands on the offer. This implies a lower set up and startup costs.
  • Flexibility: With access to a large range of brands there is flexibility to choose brands that go the store shelves. For our franchise store owner, it’s easy to shift to a more profitable brand and change his inventory mix without breaking the sweat.
  • Pricing: Most importantly the franchisee gets a product at the same prices at which any other dealer of that brand will get. All dealer schemes announced by the company will be applicable to the franchisee too. This ensures that prices are always competitive.
  • Training: Running a tyre retail business profitably will require a thorough understanding of tyre sizes, patterns, technology, pricing, discount structure, etc. Learning on the job and without any support is time-consuming and fraught with risk. We provide well-structured training to introduce franchisees to all aspects of tyre trade.
  • Well-designed store: Retail store has to be pleasant looking and inviting. All our franchise stores are beautifully designed and layouts prepared in a thoughtful and organized manner. This means no mistakes while the store is being built. The designs are provided in a 3D format allowing easy visualization and execution.
  • Additional Revenue streams: There is no need for the franchisee to wait to expand his business. Tyresfranchise also offers various auto-oriented services like wheel balancing, wheel alignment, auto accessories sales, Car wash (Hot wash, cold wash, steam wash, foam wash), Car dry-cleaning, paint protection, paint restoration, Rust protection, Other car detailing services, Car wrap services, Batteries, and Roadside assistance. Comprehensive support and guidance are provided to the franchisee allowing him to leverage fully his available resources to generate handsome additional revenues from services.
  • Distribution: The model is designed in such a way that the store not only acts as a retail outlet but also as a distribution center. The company is all India distributors for various products and has launched automotive products under its own brand. The franchisee is given an option to distribute those automotive products in his area. This brings in additional revenue without any significant investments. The sale, service and distribution combination enables our franchisees to leverage his resources and assets in an optimum manner. Within the same area and little additional manpower, he can run a business that is unmatched from a profitability point of view.
  • Virtual Inventory: Imagining selling a product that is not in the store? In tyre business, there is a large number of tyre sizes, patterns, alternate size options, and brands. This may run into more than 5000 SKU’s. What if somebody walks in and asks for a set of tyres for BMW 5 series of a certain brand? The inquired product is not there. What does our franchise store do? Refuse sales? No. The store can still sell it through the virtual inventory available onTyresfranchise. The company will ship that product to its store meaning that no sale is lost.
  • Buyback: In case the store owner cannot sell some of the tyres and it’s blocking his investments, the company offers to buy back of the unsold stock. This de-risks the model completely and allows our franchisees to run his business efficiently.
  • Marketing Support: The Company provides active marketing support to its franchisee. The franchisee is benefited from the common marketing campaigns and active back office support for sending mailers, calling customers, devising sales schemes, marketing to corporates, etc